Varanger Northern Lights, King Crab and outdoor

The chance to see the Northern Lights in Norway is a phenomenal experience, 

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Whale watching trips

Far North, far East, off the beaten track

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Ski and Sail Trips

Our ski and sail trips take place from middle of February till late of May in the Western part of the county of Finnmark. Each week starts and ends in the small village of Øksfjord.

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Welcome to S/Y Goxsheim and Aurora Borealis Sailing Ship Adventure. We are here to give to you the magnificent Northern Norway with the Northern Lights, midnight sun, glaciers, mountains, islands, fjords, wildlife and much more from the deck of one the largest sailing ships in this part of Norway. If you are not completely relaxed after a couple of hours on board with us, well - then there is a storm outside!


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